RWX Cleaning Liquid For Laptop/Monitor/Smartphone/TV

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The unique ultra-micro star-shaped weaving method makes cleaning quick and efficient without damaging the coating film on the surface of the screen and without generating any unstable dust flocs. In case of stubborn dirt, the effect will be better if it is used with a special cleaning solution. Unique anti-static property can avoid static electricity generated in wiping and prevent unsafe hidden dangers. The nano-layer can effectively avoid the spread of bacteria. The cleaning kit can be washed with water, and the cleaning effect will not change after repeated use. Natural gum cleanness has no corrosiveness to the screen and can be used safely.



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Material: cleaning solution + fiber cloth + ABS
Product packaging: blister packaging
Product size: about 60 ml (cleaning solution )
Packing size(about): 19.5 * 13 * 4 cm/7.68 * 5.12 * 1.57 in
Suitable for: laptop, desktop computers, digital cameras, various LCD screens, mobile phone screens, etc

1. Microfiber wiping cloth: the cross-section of the fiber is triangular, and oil stains can be easily wiped off during wiping. Since monofilament fiber is fine and it’s surface area increases, it can absorb more water stains and oil stains.
2. Using a high-tech special continuous weaving method, not to drop wool and flocs; In case of stubborn or dry stains, it will work better with special cleaning solutions.
3. The cleaning solution is strong in decontamination, thorough in cleaning, free of watermarks and corrosiveness. The cleaning solution can keep the LCD screen bright and clean, and form a protective film on the screen surface to prevent static electricity and prevent the screen from absorbing dust.

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