Gaming Gravity Sensor For PC

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1. Freely bind 8 sets of actions, each skill can be bound to a single action, and the head action breaks through the limitations of the keyboard keys.
2.Immersive new game experience, the application of head somatosensory recognition technology in the field of game peripherals, through the judgment of the player’s head movements, key mapping, freely synchronized game steering, and motion control
3. Somatosensory control + mouse and keyboard, one step faster, and it is easy to combine the keys that are difficult to balance.
4. Independent research and development of motion-tracking technology, control sensitive 0 delays, six-axis gyroscope + independent research and development attitude algorithm, sampling 100 motion data per second, wirelessly transfer data to the game
5.The strong magnetic base design. It uses a creative magnetic base, which is easy to install and disassemble. It is tightly sucked, and it is not afraid to fall when you play it.
6. It relieves fatigue and brings a new experience.


Shipping begins from 5 January 2020

Color: Black
Interface type: USB
20+ Hours of Gaming
Strong Magnetic Base
Small size good for traveling
Medically proven for relieving neck pain

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