Consumer Obligations

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Every customer shopping from RAWNEX agrees to a few criteria upon returning a product.

If the reason behind returning the product is acceptable the consumer will get their money back.

Customer Responsibilities

Every customer is responsible for keeping the item in good condition during the guarantee period. The box must be as new, with no traces of use, scars, or missing parts.
The returning period is 14 days, this means the product regardless if it’s used or not must look as untouched without any trace of usage.

In the case of missing parts or existing scars, stains and etc. on a product the refund might not be full. This is because after the product is returned it will be put out for sell again. Because it was used the price will be lower and the total value will be lower too.

After the first 2 months of purchase rules still, apply

If for some reason the product stopped working check the “Guarantee legislation” Tab from the “FAQ”

Some products might not be able to a refund if they are physically broken

Example 1.:
Maria bought headphones 7 months ago but the cable from the headphones got detached. 

Can Maria return the product?
Maria won’t be able to return the headphones because of the missing proof. She is not able to show how exactly the cable got detached.

Example 2.:
Maria mistakenly breaks the cord or the dog chewed the cable. 

Can Maria return the product?
She can’t return the product because she didn’t take care of her product to be well preserved.

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